Some Best Things You Find in Empire Park Student Accommodation in Edmonton

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The accommodations have comfortable beds, a study area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a lot of other things according to the requirements of the students.

Some Best Things You Find in Empire Park Student Accommodation in Edmonton

Edmonton is a beautiful city on the North Saskatchewan River, where the individuals can witness the bounty of nature at its best. It is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. This is the city where a large number of people from different parts of the world visit many of whom are students.

The universities in Edmonton are offering degrees to the students, which are recognized in most of countries. Therefore, today, a huge number of students can be witnessed in the places of student accommodation Edmonton.

There are plenty of colleges, institutions, and universities in Edmonton, where the students get the education. Some popular names are CDI College, Concordia University of Edmonton, MacEwan University, NAIT, Newman Theological College, Norquest College Edmonton, Reeves College – Edmonton, St. Joseph Seminary, St. Joseph College Edmonton, The King’s University, and the University of Alberta.

Therefore, Edmonton encompasses some brilliant places of housing for the students. One of the popular names in this regard is Empire Park. In Empire Park, students find a variety of services and facilities for their comfortable stay, study, fun, and fitness.

Below, you will read about some of the major things that you need to know about this property.

Students’ Life

Empire Park offers a comfortable life to the students staying here. The accommodations have comfortable beds, a study area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a lot of other things according to the requirements of the students.

In the property, the students find the full arrangement for their mental, physical, and emotional health, and there is a yoga room available here for this purpose. Besides, there is also a fitness center with modern equipment for the students for workouts. This is also an ideal place for the students to keep their bodies in shape as well as to stay fit.

On the other hand, this property is perfect for the socialization of the students. The residents can meet each other easily in this place of accommodation. There is also an outdoor area, where the residents can get the fresh air and can meet each other.  

Student Accommodations

In Empire Park, students have the option to choose between two types of apartments, which have been categorized as 3 Bed 1 Bath and 2 Bed 1 Bath. In addition to the apartments, a single room option is also available here. The single room has been named as 1 Bed 1 Bath according to its features.

All the accommodations come with fully equipped kitchens. In the kitchens, students find the cooking hobs and ovens to prepare the meals. A fridge is also available here. The students find the shared kitchens here so they can make a shared meal also.

In the accommodations, students also find the heating facility for the winter season, which is a paid facility.

Security in Empire Park

Students are fully safe at this property. There is a 24/7 security staff available, who takes care of the residents. Besides, CCTV cameras are also installed at the property, so all the major places are under the monitoring of the security staff.   

Places for Sightseeing near Empire Park

While staying in Empire House, you will definitely like to visit some popular attractions of Edmonton on your weekends or on other holidays. Some popular places that you can find near Empire Park are

Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park is a popular tourist attraction here. It is the largest living history museum in Canada by area. One can find both original and rebuilt historical structures here that represent the history of Edmonton.

Keillor Point

Keillor Point can be found on the top of the riverbank on Saskatchewan Drive above the former Keillor Road in the Belgravia neighborhood. You can enjoy the view of Edmonton’s beautiful river valley. This is one of the best places to visit for nature lovers.

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton Valley Zoo is nestled on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River and is a small and intimate zoo that provides an authentic and engaging animal experience to visitors. This is one of the ideal places to visit for animal lovers.

Royal Alberta Museum

Those who are interested in witnessing human and natural history can visit Royal Alberta Museum. It is located in Downtown Edmonton in the north of City Hall. This museum is the largest in Western Canada. It was established by the Government of Alberta in December 1967. It was initially opened as the Provincial Museum of Alberta.

The galleries you can find here include:

  • Natural History Hall
  • Human History Hall
  • Bug Gallery
  • Children Gallery
  • Feature Gallery

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned facts show that Empire Park is a perfect place of living for the students, where they get all the required amenities along with an opportunity to visit this city.

You can easily book accommodation in Empire Park through the online options. The websites of student accommodation service providers provide the best methods to book the accommodations.

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