AltDefy 383K Review & 4 OTO Link - What You Should Know Before You Buy?

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AltDefy 383K is a 2-part system as a vehicle with 2 training programs to help you turn small amounts of money into larger amounts without risk, cost, or effort.

AltDefy 383K Review & 4 OTO Link - What You Should Know Before You Buy?


Today our question to you is: Would You Like Us To Show You… How To Get FREE Crypto In Minutes

  • Without work?
  • Without knowing a single thing about Crypto?
  • Without needing to learn anything?
  • Without any cost?
  • And without any risk whatsoever?

Did You Say Yes? Great, Let’s Begin By Checking Out My AltDefy Review Below!

From day 11 through to 17 the compounding effect starts to pick up speed, and from day 18 onwards the numbers become crazier and crazier. So much so that by day 28 my 1 penny investment is now worth over a million dollars at $1,342,177.28. And by day 31 that same penny is now worth over 10 Million Dollars. That’s the power of Compounding, and it’s why the process is often referred to as… 

‘The Eighth Wonder Of The World’. But those are just numbers on a page, what you see above is merely an example of how compounding works, and as much as I’d like to be able to double my penny every single day, and Make over 10 Million Dollars by the end of the month, it’s never going to happen…. But what I did discover comes pretty close IMO, which Is. How I Can Turn $11 Into $3825: With As Little As 10 Minutes Work, And Without Any Skill Whatsoever. So what did I discover? And how can this process be applied in the real world with a few clicks in just minutes… All while you & I sit there sipping our morning coffee. Or in my case; while I hung out with friends, beer in one hand, and phone in the other. 

First and foremost this formula only works in DeFi. Now if you’re anything like my bunch of friends… the ones that laughed at me, until I showed them what I was doing…You’ll either be really enthusiastic about crypto / DeFi, you won’t be the slightest bit interested in crypto, or you might be terrified by the up & down, unstable nature of crypto… Especially Now. But, you’ll probably still want to know how I can Turn $11 into over $3,800, won’t you? Most of the guys I showed this little DeFi trick to didn’t have a clue about DeFi or crypto… 

Most still don’t, yet they couldn’t pick their phones up fast enough when I showed them how easy this was to do, and told them that. This isn’t really about crypto. It’s simply about using Defi as a vehicle to. Turn tiny amounts of money into larger amounts of money. So, if you’re not into crypto, have no interest in crypto, even if you’re terrified of crypto, or simply don’t know the first thing about it… don’t worry. You don’t have to be into it, you don’t even have to like it, there’s no risk, and you certainly don’t have to learn anything new. You just have to follow the same steps I shared with my buddies, which you can do from your smartphone, or any other device which has an internet connection. Introducing AltDefy 383K. 

AltDefy 383K FE: AltDefy 383K


AltDefy 383K OTO 1: AltDefy 383K Stack


AltDefy 383K OTO 2: AltDefy 383K AltBuzz 2.0


AltDefy 383K OTO 3: AltDefy 383K Surge


AltDefy 383K OTO 4: AltDefy 383K Agency


It works like this:

  • Step #1: Collect your initial stake for free. (zero cost, or work). 
  • Step #2: Deposit your free stake into this auto compounding protocol and then watch it grow 96 times a day. 
  • Step #3: Withdraw USD when you’ve made enough. 

There’s no work to do, it’s zero risk, it doesn’t cost a cent to use, and It’s not theory based either as you’ll see from the third party feedback, provided by real verifiable people… see for yourself. Isn’t It Time You Did Something . . . That Actually Worked? Imagine that. You receive something which has already been scrutinised, tested, proven and used by REAL people, who weren’t experts. Real people who you can easily look up and verify as being genuine yourself, instead of dubious, fictitious, made up B’S? Get AltDefy 383K Now. 


  • Full access to the AltDefy 383k members area.
  • The Complete AltDefy 383k FREE Crypto System (Zero work involved)
  • PDF Training – Detailing the whole process
  • Step by step training videos – Detailing the whole process
  • Plus: Watch me use this system & get FREE Bitcoin in 1 minute 21 seconds
  • Lastly… We Guarantee you make the cost of this training back as well as a profit the first time you use this system.


As the crypto economy grows, evolves, and becomes more and more mainstream, it’s becoming easier than ever to enter the crypto space.

It’s like a modern gold rush… 1000’s of people jumping on the bandwagon daily hoping to make their fortune… And the important bit for you and I – Competition.

Competition is what makes AltDefy 383k (Free Crypto) possible.

New, emerging, Alt coins need exposure. Crypto platforms are constantly building their customer base, and due to these and other similar factors anyone can get free crypto, and then get all sorts of rewards for holding onto it. With no risk involved whatsoever.

Free Crypto using Coinbase.

In this publication we’ll walk you through getting your first free Crypto using Coinbase.


  • $100 Into $7,964,042,400
  • $100 Into $14,045,098 In 15 Months
  • 100% No Cost Crypto
  • Free Bitcoin


  • Free Crypto using AltDefy 383k.

What is AltDefy 383k

Creating your account

Free Crypto

  • Using AltDefy 383k
  • What Is It
  • How does AltDefy 383k Learn and Earn Work?
  • How do I start earning?
  • Earning Free Crypto

Your Portfolio of Assets

  • Convert to USDT / Tether
  • So why convert to USDT / Tether?
  • So how do we convert from one coin to USDT?

Withdrawing to a bank account

  • Selling Cryptocurrency
  • Cashing Out



Crypto Millionaires… You’ve read about them in the news right? Those lucky investors who snapped up Bitcoin for $0.0008 per coin in 2010 would have amassed an 8,000,000,000% (eight

billion percent) increase in their tiny investments.

$100 Into $7,964,042,400. If you had invested $100 back then your investment would now be worth roughly $7,964,042,400… You’d be a BILLIONAIRE! But you didn’t invest in Bitcoin in 2010… And nor did we.

Most of us missed the Bitcoin boat but that doesn’t mean we’ve missed out on Crypto all together, far from it. Those massive gains are still happening and it’s still possible… $100 Into $14,045,098 In 15 Months

Meme coin Shiba Inu first hit select cryptocurrency exchanges for trading on Aug. 1, 2020, with a first-day print of $0.00000000051 per token.

To put this into perspective, if you had invested $100 into SHIB on Aug. 1, 2020, and held it for 15 months. Your $100 investment would be worth around $14,045,098. Yes, over $14 million!

Now of course these are big numbers, and most people will never have the foresight to risk / invest $100 in something they’ve never even heard of before.

100% No Cost Crypto… So in this publication we’ll show you how to enter the crypto world without experience, and acquire Crypto currency (* Alt Coins) 100% cost free in literally minutes… Even if you’re a bit of a Crypto Newbie like me.

Free Bitcoin. We’ll also show you how to turn your free crypto into any coin you like. I.e. you can turn your free crypto into Bitcoin etc if you wish, so essentially you can acquire Bitcoin cost free.

Now I mentioned that I’m a Crypto newbie… It’s true, I’m a beginner… but that’s good news for you. Firstly because the AltDefy 383k system and training is courtesy of Mark Bishop and John Merrick, and they happen to know a thing or two about Crypto.

And secondly… If a complete technophobe like me can do this then anyone can.

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