How Do You Know When You Need A New Roof?

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Experiencing a sudden roofing problem can be intimidating, leaving you no way to go back. Missing shingles, granules in the gutter, sagging roof, water damage, roof age, and poor installation are a few telltale signs indicating a need for a new roof.

How Do You Know When You Need A New Roof?

Roofs are intended to be exposed to brutal elements. The scorching heat, raging winds, frigid cold, and pounding rain are all responsible for shortening the roof's average lifespan. While some roofs may last for over 25 years, shingles are more prone to bend, crack, tear or simply fall off. Although it might be tough to determine the prevailing condition of the roof from the ground, the following indicators will help you evaluate whether or not you need a new roof.

Consult with the experienced and reliable residential and commercial roofing contractors in Santa Barbara to help you make an informed decision after inspecting the roof’s state. Whether residential or commercial buildings, every roof is bound to deteriorate over time, necessitating repairing and replacement.

1. Your Roof’s 25 Birthday is Coming:

It is the most evident sign of roof replacement. Most homeowners often overlook or don’t remember the exact installation date of their roof. However, if you’re unsure when you have last installed your roof, consider verifying your roof’s improvement record and receipts. Typically, asphalt shingles may last for 25 years, and if your roof has passed or is approaching this time, you probably need to plan for a new roof.

Note that shingles laid on top of an existing layer of shingles may not survive as long. You can expect them to last for approx 20 years on average.

2. Cupping or Curling Shingles:

If you notice cupping, curling, or clawing shingles, the roof is probably on the verge of its end. Cupping and curling shingles are identical, with the peeled edges from the surface underneath pointing upward. Clawing happens when the shingle’s center lifts while the edges stay in touch with the roof surface. These conditions might result from harsh weather conditions, poor installation, inadequate ventilation, and age. Whenever you detect these signs, contact the best roofing company in Moorpark to evaluate the roof for damage extent.

3. Missing Shingles:

Missing shingles aren’t a good sign, as it indicates your roof has become fragile, and the adhesive holding the bottom in place begins to separate from the surface underneath. Heavy wind may easily make the shingles fall off. However, sometimes one or two missing shingles don’t indicate the entire roof replacement. In some instances, the reason could be poor installation. Although a short repair might put the roof in good shape again, the shingle color may not be a perfect match. It’s also a one-of-a-kind reason why people prefer complete roof replacement.

4. Granules in The Gutter:

Asphalt shingles have embedded granules on their surface, protecting the roof from solar radiation. Finding fewer granules in the gutter is normal. However, if a significant amount of granules accumulate in the gutters, it might be a severe problem that needs closer attention.

5. Roof Sagging:

A sagging roof is the most eminent sign indicating roof replacement. Structural issues underneath the shingles like water damage or broken rafter result in sagging. Whatever the problem is, it requires professional assistance to determine the exact cause of the roof sagging. Hire a reliable roofing company in Los Angles to fix the issue instantly.


Whenever you suspect any roofing problem, consider taking professional assistance instead of neglecting it, thinking it's just a trivial problem. It’s better to be sooner than later. Minuscule issues, if left unrepaired, may escalate the damage, resulting in hefty repairs or replacements. Early detections, prompt repairs, and proper maintenance may help keep the roof in pristine condition. Hire an experienced, professional, certified, and reliable roofing company for installation or repair, as sometimes poor craftsmanship may encourage unexpected roofing issues.

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