How to Sharpen the Steak Knives?

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Steak knives or serrated knives are not safe to use while they are dull. A sharp steak knife is an essential part of any kitchen.

How to Sharpen the Steak Knives?

Steak knives or serrated knives are not safe to use while they are dull. A sharp steak knife is an essential part of any kitchen. While you cut a piece of meat, you want those steak knives to glide effortlessly to cut the meat.

If you are a professional or home chef, you must want sharp steak knives because dull steak knives waste your energy and time.


It is good to care about steak knives after using them, washing them properly, and putting them in the knife block. You have to be done.


Let us some different ways to sharpen your steak knives.


Using a sharping Rod 

Steak knives must be sharp; they will not provide satisfaction if they are dull—the first popular way to sharpen your slow chopping steak knives. Dull steak knives do not cleanly cut the food slice. A Sharpening Rod makes your work easier. 


Use this tool to sharpen dull knives. First, find the right size of the sharping rod. If you have little experience, hit it at the right angle at your mark. After sharping, these sides move to a right angle of 20 degrees. Repeat this process until your blade side is sharped. It is not a difficult task; you can do it with a tool. If you have quality steak knives, you must take care of them.

Using a sandpaper 

Sandpaper is another classical tool to sharpen the steak knives. After sharpening with a rod, the work is not yet done. It sometimes causes burrs on the utensils. You can feel it while moving the finger on the flat side of the steak knives. After using the sandpaper, these issues were resolved.


Get a small piece of sandpaper and run the knife on it. After that, put a little pressure on it. Remember not to put too much pressure. It will damage your knife's blades. Suppose your steak knife burrs are removed with sandpaper, then thankfully ok. Both options are best to remove the burrs ( Sandpaper & Sharping Rod). 

Using a Whetstone

While you sharpen the steak knife blades with the rod, it is probably good. Most people prefer the stone to sharpen their knives. The first thing you have to focus on is how you can sharpen knives with the right kind of stone after choosing the suitable stone for your flat blade.


Put the knife on the rock, and slide them slowly. Grip it at the right angle to make your steak knife's blade sharp and consistent. The first time you have been nervous, no problem. After two or three attempts, you understand the process. 

Getting quality knives 

It's too significant when you buy steak knives must be sure about their quality. Good Steak Knives contain some qualities like stainless steel, serrated edges, and nonslip handles. You have to be looking at these qualities when buying steak knives. 

These are some more qualities:

  • Ergonomic design 
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe 
  • Sharpened to Perfection 
  • Straight Hand and Wrist

Good steak knives should have these qualities. Their Beautifull and nonslip handle attracts the people. I saw these qualities on Amushome, and I love their premium quality material. The most important is that you feel comfortable while cutting the meat or slice of food, and my experience with Amushome products is excellent because I saw these types of qualities in their steak knives.

Caring for your steak knives 

After Buying expensive and quality steak knives, caring is necessary. Sure that you are washing and storing your Knives properly. Sharping your steak knives are not enough for maintenance. 

This washing and storing in knife block process is vital to save your steak knives for a long time to sharpen. For several reasons, you have to do this. 

  • Protect the Blade
  • Sharper for longer Time 
  • Stop contacting with other items 
  • Stop Moisture & Rusting 

You should also think about the way to wash the steak knives. Wash them in soapy water, not on a dishwasher plate.  After all, dry them and stores them in a block of knives. 

Wind up

My post aims to know about their steak knife sharpening. There are numerous ways to sharpen your knives. I am discussing three ways to sharpen knives. No one wants to cut meat with dull knives, So I gave them tips to sharpen their steak knife. 

I explained to you some sharpen tools. Much important is that when you buy quality and expensive steak knives, you should take care of them. Washing your steak knives, ensuring they are scorched, and store them in the block. 

So use these tips to save your steak knives for a long time. 


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