7 things in your resume that will get you a job

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Sangita Sonny | Sep 12, 2018

7 things in your resume that will get you a job



When you’re looking for a new job, one’s resume is the first thing that the employer sees.

It creates the first impression and as such becomes vital to have it written so that it communicates your fit for the job. The below are some of the tactics one can utilize to create a resume that won’t be put aside by a potential employer.



  1. Skills and Strengths. The recruiter is looking for the relevant skills you possess so that you will be able to perform the job efficiently. Skills you have gained through training or experience should be highlighted. Don’t worry if you have all the skills, if you list your more prominent strengths, your resume will look great.


  1. Build your experience. We all know that to have the experience to get a job, and you need to have a job to get experience. There are other ways to accumulate experience. In the IT industry this might include:


  • Doing an internship with companies to get the necessary technical skills demanded by the job.


  • Doing online projects for various competition where you solve problems and get free certificates as a result.


  • Doing some freelance work for some companies will also help you gather skills and exposure to the technologies.


  1. Important details first. An employer goes through many resumes on a given day. So, make sure to put your most important details at the top of the resume, making it easier for them to see.



  1. Simple and clear. It is always tempting to be verbose and put extra words, which will make the resume two to three pages long. It is important to not stretch the resume. Instead, cut it down: a clear, concise and brief resume will make the job of the employer easy and it will also look more professional and appealing. Trimming of the extra information highlights all the other important details clearly.


  1. Personalizing the resume. If you are applying for a specific job, then it makes sense to put relevant information pertaining to that first or emphasize it more clearly. If you are applying for a software developer role, highlight your time as a programmer developing websites or building apps. Also showcase your understanding of the SDLC (Software development life cycle) etc. If you are applying for the job of a Software tester, highlight your exposure on doing testing for software websites and apps, also using tools for testing.


  1. List Accomplishments. It is great to have software development skills. It is also great to show what have you done with it, like built great websites for the companies, developed some applications which increased revenues for the companies, won awards in the process for good work on projects, delivered quality solutions for the client. Automating all the manual work users were doing. All this will improve the chances and make your application to be at the top of the stack.


  1. Real and Proofread. Don’t lie in your resume. Eventually, even if you are hired the employer will find it out. If you want the job, be honest: because somebody might check before you get hired. Lies will give an impression that you are not the suitable candidate. Proofreading is a critical step in the resume writing process – You should check your spelling, avoid grammatical errors and check if the information in the resume is apt and to the point.



Making a good resume is the first step in attaining the job you want. Take the time to put together all the relevant information in a clear and concise manner. Highlight your strengths and accomplishments. Your ability to get the job you wanted will hinge on the first communication with the employer and here your resume comes into the picture.

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