11 Harsh Truths about Corporate Life

Posted 6 years ago in JOB CONSULTANCY.

Corporate Life

11 Harsh Truths about Corporate Life

25 is the age when most of us take up oe life is nothing that we have imagined in our dreams and heard of people. There's a harsh reality of Corporate life. Here are a few harsh truths of corporate life.

• If you are more efficient at your work, you will be given more task to do.

• Your contribution to company matters rather than your individual contribution.

• At some point in your life, you will take up the job just for money and nothing else.

• Working on a desk? This can kill an individuals creativity.

• People around you will continuously try to demotivate you and criticize you because they hate your guts.

• The new initiative taken by you towards the company will completely be your responsibility.

• You will not be appreciated for working overtime, but if you leave early, everyone will break lose.

• Office politics is definitely not a myth. Politics is everywhere.

• There will be times when undeserving people will get credit for the work you do.

• The HR Department is useless in any organization.

• You will be constantly made to believe, you need the company more than it needs you, and that is not always true.