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Getting a good job nowadays has become a pretty hefty task, isn't it? So, here are few points which you need to ensure while filling a resume.



7 Things in your Resume that will get you a Job


  • What is Resume:

In day to day life, getting a good Job has become the most important task for human. Through a good Job, we enjoy a lavish lifestyle and hence a good future which we all require, isn’t it. But first we should ensure that we have a strong resume. A resume or CV is an amalgamation of all those criteria which enables you to be called as a prospective employer. It includes the criteria like Work Experience, Education, Skills and Achievements. So, summarizing them in one single sheet is what a true resume is.


  • 7 important things in your resume to get you a Job:

There are basically few things which we need to keep in mind while filling a resume so to get a Job:

  1. Skills: A good skill section implies a good hold in the areas where you excel and hence the resume should reflects the skills section.
  2. Internships and Volunteering: Make sure to include all those internship which you joined in the past like summer internships, winter internships, etc. Also mention those volunteer works as they too hold a key place.
  3. Award and Certifications: Award and certificates are like gemstones in the resume. Make sure to include these things as it accounts a good and professional impression.
  4. Achievements: Include notable and relevant achievements and ensure to be specific about the areas of achievements. It’s ideal to include only few achievements so that resume becomes a handy key to unlock your door.
  5. Interests and Hobbies: A Hobbies section is where an interviewer judges you the areas where you have an interest. Make sure to include relevant interest as there is no chance of aberration.
  6. Co-curricular Activities: Every student must participate in Co-curricular activities. When we mention these activities in resume, it adds a plus point for your chance for getting a job.
  7. Other relevant points: It includes your success oriented mantras, objectives, aims and aspirations which foster your chance of getting a good job.
  • Conclusion: “Honesty is the best policy”. So, keep in mind that getting a job is always not necessary, it’s about being an honest human. So, a resume with an honest perspective will always get succeeded and will not require anyone’s praises or approvals.  So, keep these points in mind while filling a resume.