When Ambien Withdrawal Treatment Becomes Imperative for Survival

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Most people on Earth have heard of Elon Musk, the famous business magnate and CEO of car maker Tesla.

When Ambien Withdrawal Treatment Becomes Imperative for Survival

Most people on Earth have heard of Elon Musk, the famous business magnate and CEO of car maker Tesla. His recent erratic public declarations worried and confounded many people across the globe. He defended his comments, blaming it all on the sedative Ambien.

Also called the ‘Devil’s Aspirin’, Ambien is misused by many who experience its harmful mental and physical effects.

How do they do that?

The most common way one can do so is by taking it to experience euphoria rather than its original purpose – of inducing sleep.

A Z-class drug, Ambien or Zolpidem, is usually prescribed to those facing insomnia. Once taken, this drug depresses the central nervous system.

This helps the person to relax better and fall asleep easily. However, Ambien addiction happens when the user overshoots the prescribed time period of this drug and keeps taking it to sleep better and for longer periods.

Over time, their body gets used to the prescribed amount and craves more to get the same effect as they experienced initially.

Addiction signs

  • They start using other people’s prescriptions to buy pills.
  • They use different doctors’ prescriptions to buy pills.
  • They take the drug and force themselves to stay awake to experience feelings of wellness and euphoria.
  • They start mixing Ambien with other drugs or alcohol.

Addiction Side-effects

If you have been feeling that you may be addicted to Ambien, you can check for ‘detox places near me’.

Due to your dependence on this drug, you may face negative consequences like:

  • Poor performance issues at work/school
  • Monetary problems 
  • Health issues like daytime drowsiness and dizziness
  • Medical concerns like headache, nausea, vomiting, and amnesia
  • decreased alertness
  • double vision
  • thinking or behaving abnormally
  • depression and suicidal thoughts
  • decreased inhibition
  • psychological issues like aggressiveness, agitation, or anxiety
  • hallucinations

Ambien withdrawal symptoms

All users face withdrawal symptoms once they stop taking a drug or substance. The same is the case with Ambien. Some symptoms when someone stops using it are:

  • insomnia 
  • fatigue
  • abdominal/muscle cramps
  • nausea 
  • flushing
  • tremors 
  • panic attacks

As all of these are severely uncomfortable to bear, most users relapse and get stuck in the cycle of abuse, sometimes till the end of life. 

The De-addiction Process

It is not easy to stay away from drug abuse. However, at leading detox centers, such as Daylight Detox, gaining independence from it is comparatively easier.

This is because every single step of the de-addiction program is monitored and supervised by medical professionals who provide counseling and therapies, too, to allow the user to heal holistically.

The very first step in this treatment program is a medical detoxification process which helps clean the user’s body of the last traces of the drug. This is the most difficult part of the journey to sober living - a life free of substance abuse.

For Ambien, medications are not given in the weaning process. Instead, the Ambien withdrawal treatment consists of detox coupled with individual and group counseling, education regarding addiction issues, and coping techniques. 

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