Hail Damage to Asphalt Shingles

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Hail can cause damage to asphalt shingles and get you in trouble. This blog will teach you what to do if there is a case of hail damage.

Hail Damage to Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

Hail can damage the asphalt shingles which makes you fall in trouble without coming to your notice, as this damage may not be spotted when looking from the ground. Inspecting the Roof to spot the injury is necessary not to let the damage cause adverse situations. You can call a roof specialist of roof replacement Long Beach companies for examining thoroughly.

What does hail damage look like on shingles?

Sometimes hail damage is visible and sometimes unable to be located. As the result, the surface granules may be knocked off the shingles deeper or with lesser effect.

You may think, so what if a few granules come out, but it may affect the shingles' integrity. and water leaks can be experienced with time.

To spot the amount of damage, you can count the forceful hits of hail on singles. Mark the vividly spotted impacts with chalk and measure the same to know the condition. If the crash would be more, there might be a need to take action by professionals.

This chalk marking would help you go for the insurance claim if you applied earlier. Insurance companies will analyze the hits and proceed with the decision accordingly.

What Size of Hail Can Cause Roof Damage?

Hail can vary in size, so its damage outcome also. Hail size is usually compared to some objects as follows:

Quarter = 1 inch

Golf Ball = 1½ inches

Pea = 1/4-inch in diameter

Marble = 1/2-inch in diameter

Dime or penny = 3/4-inch in diameter Nickel = 7/8-inch

Tennis Ball = 2½ inches

Baseball = 2¾ inches

Teacup = 3 inches

Softball = 4 inches

As per roofing companies Pasadena experts, one or above diameter hailstone causes damage to asphalt shingles. Hail the size of a penny or larger can be considered severe.

What does Hail Damage do to Roof?

Hail can harm the shingles and can consist of:

  • Punctures
  • Fractures
  • Tears
  • Displacement of granules

When the granules are knocked off, the shingles become more prone to sun rays due to losing the protective shield of granules. The shingles come under the effect of UV light degradation. Furthermore, it can lead to blistering, cracking, water leaks, algae build-up, and edge damage.

What Action To Take When You Will Suspect Hail Damage

Take quick action by calling the roof professionals of roof contractor Santa Clarita to check the hail damage. Inspection from roof experts will not cost you anything as some don't charge anything for the same.

If the hail damages the roof, you might consider your roof insurance company to claim the insurance. Roof replacement will be included in the insurance or not will entirely depend upon the terms and policies of roof insurance companies.

Roof damage can be functional or cosmetic; only a professional eye can spot the depth of the issue and suggest to you the right solution for the problem. So, negligence in this may lead you towards a productive outcome.

Your insurance company will find several reasons for no roof replacement. Therefore, you need to ensure that your contractor inspects the roof with the adjuster.

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