What Are Composition Shingles?

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What Are Composition Shingles?

When installing a new roof, there are several roofing materials options that you can choose to create a roof. Since a new roof is a big investment, you should be well-versed with the advantages and disadvantages of the roofing material you will choose. Composition shingles are the most popular choice amongst homeowners for a new roof installation. These are quite popular as surface roofing products. When looking for a roof contractor in Santa Clarita for new roof installation, you should know about the type of roofing you are going to install before you hire one. If you are wondering what are composition shingles and what this roofing material offers, this blog will cover it all.

Let’s know everything about composition Shingles :


About Composition Roof

A composition roof is created with a combination of different materials. Every manufacturer has its own formulations, but the majority of composition roofing shingles have plastics and recycled rubber formulated in them. Most of these composition roofing use fiberglass, granules put on a fiberglass mat to create a shingle.

All composition shingles have polymers in them to neutralize the effects of UV rays. Because of this addition, these shingles last long and has resistant properties against hail, strong winds, and extreme sunlight.

Composition shingles are made up of a woven fiberglass mat. It is placed between two layers of waterproof, roofing-grade asphalt. The uncovered surface is layered with ceramic or stone granules. Composite shingles are a great choice for your roof as they are durable and can withstand moisture and high winds.


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Top benefits of Composite shingles


  • Easy repairs

When it comes to repairing composite shingles, they are easier to repair than several other options. If you have some damaged composite shingles, you need to hire a licensed roof repair in Pasadena and you can have these damaged shingles replaced in no time. So, repairs are easy if you have issues with composite shingles. In addition, these shingles are also safe to walk on while the repair is being done. Other roofing materials are not that easy to repair and need advanced tools and equipment to repair.


Easy to install

Composition shingles have easy installation procedures. Contact a qualified and experienced team of roofers to install composite shingles and this installation can be done in no time.


Less expensive than other roofing materials

If you need a roof replacement, choosing composite shingles is a great choice in terms of price. The roofing contractor's service charge also depends on the roofing material that needs to be installed. As compared to other roofing materials, a composition shingle roof is a less expensive option than other types of roofing.

Roofs can easily get damaged through constant exposure to extreme weather elements.

So, choosing composite shingles roof will help you save money on repairs if you need to replace damaged shingles.

Composition shingles are also more fire retardant than wood shingles. This means it can slow down the spread of fire.

There are mainly three types of composite shingles to choose from- luxury, dimensional, and 3 tab shingles. They are available in different colors, and patterns

If you need a roof replacement in Downey, composite roofing makes for a great choice due to its benefits,

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