The weirdest things they were asked during their ‘rishta’ meeting

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Most grand festival in indian culture is marriage

The weirdest things they were asked during their ‘rishta’ meeting

RISHTA, is not just a bond between two people but bond between two families. One of the grand occassion in indian culture, but there are many myths growing in this tree called rishta.
While rishta meetings, people ask different weird question....some of them are....
People ask bride to walk and enforce to show their walking style whether they are clumsy or not.
They ask the bride whether she knows stitching or not, but that to only for their home not for doing any kind of business.
Brides are always asked if she knows how to cook good food such as no one knows how to cook in groom's family. She should have prepared some food for them during meeting.
Basically, people prefer bride who has fair complexion....even if she is fair then also they will check her fairness by rubbing their hands and all just to make sure whether she is really fair or just have applied make up.
People measures the actual height of the bride to make sure whether she is wearing heel sandal, her height must be less than the groom.
In some cultures, people want that the bride must have long hair...but they check whether her hairs are real or fake.
People even checks whether the bride have any dark spots on her hands and legs.
All are in a queue of getting a beautiful and decent bride without thinking about the feeling of the girl.