Summer weddings

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Article on ideas of summer wedding.

Summer weddings

Is summer wedding on your mind?


We have often heard that fairytales are just fictions which never come true. But nobody mentioned except one, wondering which one? The story of prince getting married to a princess. Wedding is a sweet and sugary tale; the unforgettable story. It is rightly said:

      “You don’t marry the person you                             can live with, you marry a person you can’t live without”.

Wedding is such an auspicious day in everyone’s life but summer wedding, no, its tough! Not at all, here are some stunning summer wedding ideas to make your big day unforgettable.

Location:-the main agenda is to choose a location where this high temperature doesn’t hamper your fun and excitement. Ever thought about a beachside wedding? Its the best option for your cool warm-weather wedding.The perks are it would give you the feel of a destination wedding and will also be a happy trip for your relatives. After-all, who doesn’t enjoy those cool breezes and dancing waves.

Decor:-the natural flora and fauna will be an appropriate choice for an outdoor summer wedding. Greenery and colourful blooms hanging overheard will definitely grab the guests’ attention with some balloons tucked around here and there. Additionally, the flower wall will make your wedding room ultra-instagrammable  and your guests would love to click pictures in front of that and for the curtains and tents lighter and airier shades like coral and blue must be used with traditional furniture; which makes up your shaded area. Make the bar a focal point by setting it against a stunning seaside backdrop where the guests could sip and relax.

Appetizers:-menu should be kept light and fresh. Not missing out the sea food like grilled fish; and other light meals like fresh salad or berry bites and snacks like burgers,tacos and other barbecue favs. A coconut water station would act like a cherry on the cake keeping the guests hydrated and also making the ambiance perfect.

Last but not the least a relief station must be set up stocked with bug spray and other essentials like wet tissues and sunscreen. And at the exit a surfboard could be placed as a guest book on which they could sign something.

  These summer wedding ideas will pull off an unforgettable and effortless cool warm-weather wedding for you.

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