20 impossibly fun ideas you'll want to steal for your Indian wedding

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Weddings are a big deal in India. Every bride dreams of her perfect wedding since her childhood and is excited to try out fun ideas for the D- day.

20 impossibly fun ideas you'll want to steal for your Indian wedding


Indian weddings are grand,no doubt.But they have become a tad bit boring with everyone going for blingy decorations and same kind of preparations and music.Below are some very fun ideas which you can use in your as well as your relatives' wedding and garner praises from your guests.

1. Entry of the groom in a vintage car.


2. Have a fun photobooth.

3. Put your love story on a board.

4. Let your guests take polaroid pictures of you. 

5. Have a 'make your own' golgappa station.

6. Have a sufi night.

7. Have a 'dhaba' setup to serve cocktails.

8. Serve alcoholic chuskis.

9. Put some of your parents' wedding picture somewhere in your wedding.

10. Make guests leave notes for you to open in your anniversaries.

11. Have a DJ request box on your Sangeet.

12. Have wedding tattoos to which both of you relate. 

13. Inscribe cute or fun messages on your wedding ring.

14. Have food stalls from all over India.

15. Have a karaoke section on your mehendi.

16. Setup a DIY dessert/candy  bar.

17. On your Sangeet, arrange for a flashmob.

18. Have caricature artists for guests.

19. You can arrange a game of dumb charades on your mehendi.

20. You can have food contests, like guess the flavour of the ice cream on your mehendi.


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